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The Road Ahead for Candles

Apr. 29, 2021

As consumer preferences shift, the candle industry is evolving to respond to these changes. The National Candle Association hosts its annual conference and expo, one of the nation's largest trade shows for Candle Manufacturers and suppliers.

Music Candle

Music Candle

Few things can match the ability of candles to create a memorable, personal and relaxing environment. That's why more than 80 percent of U.S. consumers use Music Candle in their homes, according to the NPD Group, a global information company.

Unexpected scents and nostalgic connections

There is a major trend toward scents that we all know and love, but may not normally associate with candles.

Surprising scents such as tomato, whiskey, tobacco cedar and leather are on the rise in popularity, especially as more men become candle buyers who prefer masculine scents.

Scents are particularly powerful for their ability to evoke memories. Candle companies are capitalizing on this value by giving candles descriptive names, such as summer camp or Friday night soccer, to further induce nostalgia by allowing consumers to recall past experiences.

The Rise of Wooden Wicks

When it comes to the next big thing in the wick world, the wooden wick is having its moment. Wooden wicks are desirable because they create a unique visual and auditory experience. As the candle burns, it emits a soothing, soft crackling sound that is reminiscent of a fireplace. Wood wicks also provide a modern, flat horizontal flame that does not "mushroom" or produce excessive carbon. Unlike traditional cotton wicks, wood wicks are available in a variety of colors, or printed designs.

Personalized Accents

As individuals with unique preferences and needs, consumers enjoy the ability to customize their products. Candle suppliers offer customers the freedom to choose their own scent and add personalization such as photos or quotes to the container. This is a popular choice for graduations, birthdays or weddings - adding an extra thoughtful touch to an already popular gift-giving item.

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