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Using Birthday Candles When You Don't Have A Cake

May. 12, 2021

Using Birthday Candles when you don't have a cake? You think it might be unusual, but not everyone wants birthday cake on their birthday, so how do you incorporate candles that they can blow out?

When your birthday girl asks to be served with donuts or ice cream, then incorporating candles into the celebration can be a challenge. One trick I always like to do is to place the candles on the plate to be entertained. This is easy to do, but you have to follow some guidelines.

Pillar Candle

Pillar Candle

You have to carefully consider what type of plate, platter or bowl to use for their birthday dessert. First, you must make sure that whatever you choose to use is not porous. Birthday candles are notorious when it comes to melting and you don't want to ruin a plate with their wax. You want a plate with a very large or very wide rim. A wide-rimmed soup bowl is ideal for creamy, watery or frozen desserts.

A platter or cake platter would be perfect for stacking anything such as donuts, nutcrackers, or cookies. You will put the candles into the hot wax that drips onto the plate. Don't use birthday candles for this, use regular dinner candles so you can take the time to let it burn and drip the wax. Immediately place the birthday candle in a small pool of hot wax.

Make sure the birthday candles are very securely placed in the wax because you don't want the burning candles to fall over, especially when they blow out the candles,Have your lighter, dinner candles and Birthday Pillar Candle ready.

Count the number of candles you will use and fill them between them in a pattern of north, south, east and west, starting from opposite sides on the plate or bowl. Light your candles and drip the wax onto the plate. Immediately place the birthday candle into the melted wax. Make your way around the plate. Carefully place your birthday gift in the center of the plate.

When you are finished with your birthday celebration, remove the candles, scrape off any excess wax with a knife, and clean the plate as usual. Of course, for all candles, never leave a lit candle unattended.

For those who don't like cake but miss blowing out candles, this is a great way to surprise them on their birthday.

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